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Umbrella Insurance

If you’re like most careful people, you do what you can to make sure you, your loved ones, and your assets are as safe as possible. That means having plenty of insurance to fall back in case anything ever goes wrong… but how can you be sure you’re truly prepared for every possibility? How can you be certain your existing policies will cover you no matter what.

The answer is simple -- you can’t. Every policy has coverage limits and sometimes even high limits aren’t high enough. That’s where it helps to have umbrella insurance in place as well. If you’re looking for the right Arkansas policy for you, Summit Insurance Advisors can help!

Why Is Umbrella Insurance Important?

Protecting yourself with an umbrella insurance policy is a lot like keeping a real umbrella with you in case of rain. If a freak accident occurs or something unforeseen finds you involved in a lawsuit, an umbrella policy can cover you in the event your other policies can’t.

As with a real umbrella, you may never need to fall back on umbrella coverage, but if you ever do need to -- even once -- you’ll be glad it’s there. Umbrella policies grant you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're truly protected. It can cover you if you’re ever sued for slander if you’re ever falsely imprisoned, and more. It’s a better way to safeguard assets like future income, children’s college funds, and retirement savings as well.

Let Us Set You Up With the Right Policy for You

At Summit Insurance Advisors, we specialize in helping Arkansas residents settle on the best insurance choices for them, up to and including umbrella policies. Give us a call for more information on whether umbrella insurance is right for you or drop by our offices for a consultation today!

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