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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Investing in a boat means that you and your family or friends can enjoy the beauty of Arkansas waterways and lakes. While enjoying your time on the water, you’re all creating special moments together. While this seems like an ideal afternoon, you need to make sure that your boat is fully insured. Proper boating insurance will also protect those who join you when you go out. Our knowledgeable agents at Summit Insurance Advisors are ready to help any Arkansas boater to get the coverage that is best for them.

When you talk with your agent, they will understand how you use your boat and what your true needs are. Many customers think that their boats can be covered by their home insurance policies. While this is true to some very small boats, it is not the norm. Most boats will need to be covered by a separate policy that is based on the size of the boat. Yachts, larger vessels, and ocean-going boats require a different level of coverage than small boats used on area lakes.

Your boat/watercraft insurance provides a number of common coverage options. Liability protection protects those on the boat who may experience injuries. The policy should also cover any damage to the boat or mechanical equipment. The coverage for theft and vandalism is also important for boat owners. Lastly, consider underinsured/uninsured boater coverage as it can help you recover quickly from an accident. Your policy will also cover everything inside your boat including personal possessions and sporting equipment. If you only use your boat a couple of times a year, talk with your agents. There may be options to lower your premium.

Our agents at Summit Insurance Advisors work with Arkansas boaters to ensure that they are safe every time that they head out to enjoy the natural beauty of Arkansas waterways. With the investment of a few moments of time, you can ensure that your investment in a boat is protected. Explore our website then call us today for details!

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